Co-Op Information

**Please note the Co-oping at Nassau Nursery School is optional**

Our school is a cooperative nursery school for the 3s and JK classes.  We rely upon the enthusiasm and support of our parents to keep our school running smoothly.

Your child’s teachers will assign you co-op dates at the start of the school year.  You should expect to co-op approximately once per month. Should you find a scheduled date inconvenient, please trade it with another parent or find a substitute from the school list. It is your responsibility to find your substitute and we request that you not call your teachers at home.  If you fail to show up on your assigned co-op day without making arrangements for a co-oping substitute, NNS will bill you $50 directly.  However, if you have arranged for a substitute to co-op on your behalf, you will be responsible to pay them $50 directly.

On your co-op day, you will be asked to help from 8:30 a.m. until noon.  Please arrive on time and follow your classroom’s step-by-step co-op instructions.

As the co-op parent, you will be asked to bring a mid-morning snack for the entire class.  We encourage fresh fruit, raw vegetables, cheese sandwiches, 100% fruit juices and milk – delicious and nutritious!  If you choose not to co-op, you still will be assigned snack days approximately once a month.

All co-oping parents must sign a form which states that they have never been convicted of a crime.  This is required by the State of New Jersey and we require this information to maintain our state license.

We hope you will take your co-op duties seriously.  It is a very special day for your child when you are the helping parent, and they look forward to having you share their classroom experience with them.  We are unfortunately not able to accommodate siblings during co-op hours, so please make babysitting arrangements if necessary.